tial law around the five meters did not allow outsiders to look aside. Yang Yiyi said first I and your fat. her s thing, how do PMP it exam you think This time Lin Bao looked seriously for a while, Yang Yiyi, the United States has, character is not bad, the key character is still very much like his mother, not bad. , How do you say it Auntie aunt Yang, from the point of view of your performance just now, PMI Certification I have nothing to say to you. You are a very loving mother. At this point, I am like the mother who has passed away. Yan.g Yiyi revealed a glittering smile Well My father and you did not understand too much, but I know that he is actually not as perfect as the outside world, I want to know from your mouth, What a man he really was, and let me have a deeper study of him. Lin Bao turned his eyes and thought for a moment before I only knew how he was before, now I do not know, what I said from my mouth , And his image is a derogatory element, you really want to hear Regardless of good and bad, I want to hear. Well, he is an incompetent father, I was a child when PMP I wanted to see him difficult, He hasalways been a man who can meet the material needs of his family but can not meet the spiritual needs of his family. Lin Bao said for 15 minutes in a row, all of which are very pertinent. Lin Dragon

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