like this building is considered ver.y good, and can even be called luxury. Into the mall, the first floor is a luxury cosmetics and watches jewelry, we get on the elevator Shangguan Wan took me to go is that she often stroll a brand franchise stores, listening to her on the lift presentation, the brand of clothes in the country Very famous, specialized in business 18 year old girl fashion. Clothing style to fresh and sweet, elegant and elegant ladies and gentlemen style, each piece of clothing are carefully crafted by the designer. Workmanship and fabrics are quite good, and it has a beautiful name Powder Dell. Pow.der Dell s clothes do not exist inventory status, it s every piece of clothing in the country there is a certain number of restrictions, but also often introduce some high end limited edition. Some clothes, only one piece of the Cisco Certification country, once the new listing, be berserk, even if the price. of your outrageous, but still can not stop the girl beauty. We reached the third floor of Lady Zone clothing powder Dell brand stores, just on the left hand side of the elevator where Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist it exam we take the elevator. Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist I Shangguan Waer and two into the store, the shop inside the decoration style and brand t.he same style, elegant and elegant, looking at it will be comfortable. Just entered the storefront, a shop welcome to welcome a shopping guide, exposing our professional smile, Welcome, Powder Dell Shangguan Wan is a frequent visitor here, the shopping guide to know he

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
200-401 Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies Cisco Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist
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