ed all the generals and generals war, the temple anger denounced General Lu incompetent.The big prince and two princes pleaded with love, the Holy Spirit this gas, only a reprimanded purpose, and rewarded Lu a gold. Finally, the holy Road, General Lv, if regain lost ground, they do not need Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist to plead guilty. Xue Yunheng look indifferently to listen, Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist it exam narrow eyes fell on the book case, it seems that the case on the case of Xuanzao sandalwood pen grid. After a while, he laughed and laughed. His voice was cold and cold Taking back the lost land, te.ns of thousands of troops from Guangling belonged to Jiang, Du and Wednesday, but instead sent a general named Lu to lead the army, How do you call him how to mobilize troops to fight war Really ridiculous. General Lu Lvxing, official worship Xuzhou Lieutenant General Lang, when the flat Cisco Certification Jing Wang chaos , he was only twenty years old, brave and skilled, make good use of strategy, set Profound credit, Lvjiafu Bing also fame. Emperor Xiangyu its loyalty, plus granted it as the left Fenwu general, and that year s two princes now Zhongyuan emperor, hired Lv Sh.ixing younger sister Lv Shizhu as a concubine. Th

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648-385 CXFF-Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers Cisco Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist
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