her up. I what is wrong with me Feng Ling children opened their Cisco Certification it exam eyes slowl. y, Liu Mei Wei Jun, looking at Liu Sijian puzzled and asked I seem to fainted, how would this Liu Sijian Pondered a moment, blows blow that ginseng steaming soup, and then he tasted, said Linger, come, firs.t drink it He called ginseng soup for medicine, hope it can Like syrup, cure Fengling children s poison. Ming know this is impossible, no fake, but in the end is one of his hope Liu Sijian bowl left hand, Feng Ling children Cisco Certification holding his right hand lean shoulder, help her sit up, then, light bowl to her lips, softly Lingerie, drink, detoxify Feng Ling children gently Kai lips, bowls along the bowl, slowly sucking for a while, half a bowl of yellow colored syrup, she drank, not only Liu Sijian hope she can poison solution, she is the same. After drinking the medicine, Cisco Certification Feng Ling er w.as helped by Liu Ssu jen and lay down, but she will not forget the most important thing. She once again asked I am poisonous, how is it Liu Sijian had told her the truth. Feng Ling children listen, und. erstand everything, she did not overreact, or even facial expressions, did not change anything, on the contrary, she behaved quite calm. But Liu Sijun know, the more so, the more terrible thing, because Feng Ling chil

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500-170 FlexPod Design Cisco Cisco Certification
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