down at Mrs. Miao, said gratefully Thank you, Mrs. Miao stand up Cisco Business Value Specialist at this time to protect her, Fu Zhixuan some believe Miao Promised that day. Think of the old guess Miao Miao, she was ashamed, head down unconsciously. Miao Mimi Cisco Certification met and thought she did not rest assured, patting her hand comfortly This is just a routine exploration, do not worry. Well, my wife said that the Qing self Qing, Ah Xuan do not w.orry. Fu Zhixuan pressed the hearts of panic, so calmly said. It seems that only after a short while, it seems that after a long time, a long time to Fu Zhixuan attached to the body of the sweater are sweat, the smell of the two finally came out, the soldiers a hand over Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam and said back to adults, no abnormal house Wen heard, Fu Zhixuan hanging heart finally landed. Chapter 66 heard the report of soldiers, Xu Rongping to Gaishou, Said he heard, and then toward Fu Zhixuan next room a little chin Open to see. Xu Rongping suspicion is not without reason, downst.airs there are changes to the upstairs, judging certainly not so accurate, the deviation is normal. So Fu Zhixuan about two rooms is also a key suspect object, he can not say that this investigation. Only this house nominally Miao people placed private place, was suspected, Mia

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810-403 Selling Business Outcomes Cisco Cisco Business Value Specialist
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