than any other village. The fruit wine from Sha Tin Estate is very popular at Fung Wo House. A lot of Isaca Certification restaurants below have asked for such liquor from Fung Wo House. Fame hit out, Fu Kun did not return the fruit wine fr. om F.ung Wo House, but CISM continued to share part of the benefits to Fung Wo House, Fung Wo House and continue to consignment. The situation in Sha Tin Estate is getting better. While the stone village harvest is still not good, but the stucco has sold a lot of people in the village are busy, working day and night to CISM it exam rush to work, for fear of action slow to hand money to fly. This sense of urgency led to the surrounding several other villages, although their fertile land over more than stone village, but also no shortage of raw materials, so follow the stone village busy. Linzhou Cheng pulled to be judges , he initially learned that Yan Shunhua and Fu Kun bet, only to feel that two children in nonsense. See the tax money paid on both sides, Linzhou Cheng also suspect that they both good face to mat, quietly subtle private visit to the two villages to find o

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CISM Certified Information Security Manager Isaca CISM
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